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Jason Todd

doesn't take fucking charity

18 November
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Jason's not afraid of Batman. He met him once - the Bat caught him boosting tires, a few years ago, but he let him off with a warning. Since then, his life has gone kind of downhill - not that it was great to start with.

His dad went off somewhere and never came home. His mom finally gave up the ghost, drugs and illness dragging her down until there was nothing he could do for her anymore. He got thrown out of their old place. He's been living rough ever since, sleeping in doorways and the abandoned buildings that litter Old Gotham because no one will pay to tear them down. He supports himself...how he can. Sometimes, when he's lucky, he can get a bit of manual labor, paid for in cash under the table because he's too young to hire. When he's not lucky...

Basically, his life sucked.

Then he met this kid.